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Letter to the Editor: Why you should play the Trump card

Racist. Misogynist. Xenophobe. Those horrible terms have been used recently to describe one person—Donald Trump. His incendiary comments on immigration and national security have created one of the most controversial and unconventional presidential campaigns ever. However, is all the negative media coverage justified?

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Sunday 03/01/2015
Letter to the Editor: Same-sex marriage promotes love, care of children
Updated: March 02, 2015 - 7:49 pm

In last week’s letter to the editor, William Kazyak gave some “down-to-earth” reasons why homosexuals should not be allowed to marry. I highly disagree on the basis that heterosexual marriages are nowhere near as perfect and loving as society makes them out to be. Because of this, I believe if a man and woman who do not even truly love each other can marry, two women or men who are completely devoted to each other should also have that same right.

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Letter to the Editor: Arguing against same-sex marriage
Updated: March 02, 2015 - 7:49 pm

The debate over homosexual unions is one that has exploded over the last couple decades into a frontline battleground from many perspectives. Most notably, and most importantly, it is a moral question – one of whether or not to give immoral and unnatural behavior equal status with natural, moral lifestyles. This is acknowledged even by LGBT activists like Paul Varnell, who said, “The gay movement, whether we acknowledge it or not, is not a civil rights movement, not even a sexual liberation movement, but a moral revolution aimed at changing people’s view of homosexuality.” But aside from supernatural objections, there are also temporal reasons why homosexual unions are and should continue to be opposed and held in disfavor.

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Monday 02/23/2015
Res Life inspection standards stifle students
Updated: February 23, 2015 - 3:35 pm

We have reached the point where Residence Life has become an overbearing maternal figure to A-State residents. The main purpose of living on campus is for the convenience of being closer to classes. But to live on campus, why do we have to subject ourselves to the rule of tyranny?

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