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International Students of A-State

Amanda Cunningham | #Life Columnist | Posted: Wednesday, March 8, 2017 4:30 pm

Bhavana Gosangi is a 23-year-old junior computer science major from Visakhapatnam, India, hoping to find a job here in the states after her graduation in Spring 2018. Having never left the city of Visakhapatnam, Gosangi came to the United States to gain practical knowledge and global exposure.

“I came to the U.S. because everyone here is so open and welcoming. There are lots of opportunities, the economy is good and there isn’t as much racism,” stated Gosangi. She has stepped outside of everything she once knew to a world of uncertainty. This has taught Gosangi a lot of independence.

“We need to be individual, good with people, smile as much as you can. It is good to be good [how you treat people]. Find happiness in what you are doing,” Gosangi said.

Gosangi had been here for six months and is already impressed by the way we treat each other, how often we smile at one another and our overall manners. “I really haven’t found anything that I don’t like about Americans. Actually, in a lot of ways the culture is the same here as it is in India,” replied Gosangi. “What I miss most about home is my family.”

“I was a bit scared coming here, but everyone here is really sweet and will treat you like family. I didn’t understand that Americans were that way until I came here.” After choosing Arkansas State University, Gosangi realizes how much she enjoys being here. She appreciates everything A-State has offered to her and other international students.

“It is a simple town, filled with good people.”